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Our Services

SNEHYAM QMS’  is the India’s most leading consulting firms, a reliable service provider occupied in offering PRODUCT CERTIFICATION, TESTING, TRAINING, REGULATORY COMPLIANCES, INDIAN STANDARD ASSESSMENT like ISI Certification Services, Foreign Manufacturer Certification, NABL Accreditation Consultancy, TEC Certification, Indian BIS and CRS Scheme for Electronics & IT Goods, WPC License and many more. As of now, there are 35 different types of products certifications & compliances is being catered by ‘SNEHYAM QMS

BIS/ISI Certification

The Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India, has notified 49 electronic & IT products under the Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS, so we help Business to get ISI registration for their products.

ISO Registration

We are a client-centric organization, providing customized services to our esteemed clients all over India and for more than 10 years.

Trade Mark Registration

The main function of a trade mark is to enable customers to recognise the goods or services as originating from a particular trader. Trade marks can be registered nationally or EU-wide

MSME Registration

We help businesses to get register their firm or businesses in MSME so they can get maximum benefits from government schemes.

Laboratory Equipment Registration

We help the entrepreneurs in India to set-up laboratories, arrange for their accreditation against ISO/IEC 17025 from the NABL and, if required, facilitate BIS recognition of such accredited laboratories in India.

Online Marketing

As we know running a business in traditional way is not profitable as before. So we offer different online marketing services like website development, social media management/marketing and SEO services for your businesses.   

Additional Services

We also provide services like Trading and Testing of Equipment’s and Technical Certification. 

 Snehyam QMS (OPC) pvt ltd is a Leading consultancy organization and provider of support services like ISI mark certification,  product certification  in India.